Tamarind Pods (1 lb.)

Tamarind Pods (1 lb.)

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Antioxidants, prevents atherosclerosis, rich in magnesium, promotes weight loss, good for nerve function, maintains blood pressure, promotes fluoride excretion, helpful for eyes, purifies the blood, is anti-diabetic, good for the skin, heart disease, cancer and diabetes, lose of body weight and reverse fatty liver disease


All-nature, Non-GMO and Gluten-free. No sugar or preservative added. Tamarind is from a curved brown bean-pod from the tamarind tree. The pod contains a sticky pulp enclosing one to ten shiny black seeds. It is the pulp that is used as a flavoring and juice.

Crack and peel away the hard brown shell from the reddish-brown-colored pulp with twig-like veins. Remove the veins from the pulp and eat around seeds.