Irish Sea Moss ( Chondrus crispus )

Irish Sea Moss ( Chondrus crispus )

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Irish Sea Moss

This Sea Moss is shipped from and processed(dried, cut and separated) in Ireland.

Many refer to all Sea Moss as Irish Sea Moss. There is many different types of Sea Moss. We offer Irish, Purple and Golden. Dr. Sebi only used Golden Sea Moss.


Irish Sea Moss has 92 of 102 minerals that body needs Strengthening of joints and connective tissues. Removes toxins from body.

Strengthening of immune system

Increased energy and nutrition
Natural Aphrodisiac
Disease recovery
Blood pressure
Healthy skin
Soothing the digestive track
Increased thyroid health

Healthy weight loss


Sea Moss has the highest concentration of calcium on the planet. Strengthening the immune system. Has 92 of 102 minerals that body needs. Strengthening the joints and connective tissues. Increased energy and nutrition. Natural aphrodisiac disease recovery, blood pressure. Relief from symptoms of cough & sore throat, healthy skin, soothing the digestive track, increased thyroid health.


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