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Ausarankh-Aamir Ta’Mandingo Maatehuti Bey (A.T.M. Bey)

Dr. Ankh

My lost loved ones played a major role of my Alkaline Revolutionary Journey. The urban areas (streets), & family members who were critics same time doubters were a very big part of my life change for my Alkaline Journey... 

Growing up Me & My Siblings did not have much. We had a hard not life & was an awfully bad Asthmatic, I almost died 3 times. 2 in the hospital with my grandma (Grace) by my side, & 1 at school. I spent most my childhood days in the hospital Vs. School. I got held back a Grade. as I got older, I was not allowed to play sports, So I stop taking my medication because I was embarrassed. I stop going to the hospital so when I got sick, I would lie just so I can play football & do martial arts. & My asthma somehow soon went away. I also had panic and anxiety attacks. I also developed or noticed strange abilities, but I was wise enough to keep quiet and embarrassed to take psychic medication and be in the special ed. So really my embarrassment of special ed was the reason I kept quiet and save me for being sheeple. 

Coming up in the streets I became a product of my environment, But I made sure my body was healthy or what I thought was healthy while selling poison or drugs to the people to take care of my Brothers that I was raising, Myself, helping family, & taking care of school fees.  Staying in shape was & still is my main priority. I followed the food Pyramid The (SAD) Standard American Diet. Doing everything I thought was right so that I would not get sick.

Monday-Saturday I did CrossFit & use to follow the food pyramid to make sure my health was at its best. I would study Kemetic science & through Kemet professors; everything about Africa long before i knew America was northwest Africa. I was thirsty for knowledge so knowledge came for me. Years passed and I grew in my studies. as soon as 2016 came I watched Dr. Sebi on The Rock Newman show & a few more videos after that I became quickly disgusted of what I was eating & what was going on in the united states of America or with the 14 amendment citizens. So, I fasted for 30 days easily off water. myself & Others seen my transformation. 

I was stronger, wiser, sharper & faster... I told my family the news to warn them of the great danger we are in because I care about them. I got laughed at, called names (Stupid, Dumb, Crazy, etc.), Talked about badly... One joke was calling me “Malcolm X” although it was a joke to them, I was a Grateful because I have High Honors for Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik Shabazz) ... They said I didn’t really know and just because I read books and listen to people. And that is what turned me into a doctor because now i have something to prove. So, I had to do more than listening and reading I had to really challenge Dr. Sebi words & not just fast but investigate when it comes to food and herbs so that i can talk about my experience. So, I had to get in the field to do experiments on myself.  Many times, i tested the waters and put my health in grave danger to heal myself. i was at a point when i was just skin and bones. I had to observe every thought, emotions, sound, and movement inside and outside my body when consuming and fasting repeatedly and differently... 

I would study and work on my on formulas.



My Granny (Georgia) had broken her hip so she had to recover followed her was sickness, but she was recovering. The Doctor or acting Doctor gave my Granny (Georgia) Morphine after my Auntie Vannie Specifically told them not to give her any kind of Opioids, then she passed. I havent felt a hurt like that, I couldn’t even bare it, wasn’t strong enough. I wanted to heal her with my Formulas. Often, I would blame myself because I felt like we had time and time is something we cannot get back. There our people working against all humanity with no time off.



I knew I had to leave the streets and help my people. But as a felon all I knew was the streets or there were barrels stopping me from 

But right before I got really deep into my studies, I was still deep in the streets. 

I’ve witnessed a few Overdose off heroine off my hands... I have seen many with talent buying heroine from me. Around that time I was working on a book “Subdue & Sunder (Cause & AEffect)” & I met a motivational speaker, Book writer, & also a heroin addict from then I questioned him as he was going to help me with my book. He told me how he had got into a real bad car accident & damaged his knees & back. That he came back but was on pain medication, & from then he found himself addicted. He wanted more & more but stronger, so he turned to street drugs. I was easily broken. So I began to ask every addict I was serving from very young to very old & most of their response was the same & from there I was passed disgusted. I soon learned that the doctors give them medication to get them off street drugs.

hydrocodone (Vicodin) oxycodone (OxyContin, Percocet)

oxymorphone (Opana)

morphine (Kadian, Avinza)



I grew more & more in rage to have knowledge of what is really going on. My mission now was to find a cure for all addictions. So, I stopped selling all opioids. & sold other drugs to get me by as I work on my studies... I eventually end up slacking due to my very own personal issues.

As time go pass i watch my Grammie (Grace) nod off to sleep & from her hand something had fell. i went to pick it up & i read on the white packages i read fentanyl & i instantly dropped it with the chills & shakes. I finally realized that pain patches my grandma needed was fentanyl patches, that she was addicted. & that really broke me because Fentanyl is what was used to mix the dope (Heroin). I stopped selling drugs completely in the beginning of 2017. 

soon later I came in on her, she had overdosed & the same Policy Enforcers (police officers) that would chase me for drug transactions or just riding and abusing their authority was the same one to bring her back to life...

I worked harder. I gave out free herbs to help & heal just to fix my wrongs for charging for poison to harm & kill & I did it all when I had very little income hoping to fix my wrongs.

then one day she overdose again in 2019. the doctors had sedated her & she never woke back up, she was brain dead... That Gave life to my purpose in life.

they were going to pull the plug. but I had made a herbal tea full of oxygen. because they said she is not receiving oxygen to the brain.. I put it in her feeding tub. From that, she went into a slight coma. but I was banned from the hospital..

 I eventually got back on my feet, searched, studied, & researched & then boom I got connected with Dr. Sebi’s people & I wasn’t even looking. It was a woman name Norma

 who gave me a number on a man Adam (Adam Atum Ra’Quion El) that was selling certain herbs that I couldn’t find in the forest preserve or just around. & I told him my situation or story & he was fascinated & assisted me. 


Then I Realized that he was Dr. Sebi peoples and was locked in with his close Allies. from then he gave me a position & I start selling Dr. Sebi products while creating my own, Then Came up with what we have now Ausar Herbs.

 I even started a youth program to teach the Ancient ways, & turned into a vegan chef…

Many times I would sneak in the Hopkins (hospitals) to make her feel better

It was hard to get in the hospital without them recognizing me So I begin to study law to get her out of U.S. Jurisdiction. My Grammie (Grace) Power of Attorney was in the wrong hands. So My sister & Grandaddy would sneak me in when the doctors start to give up on her. 

Example her kidneys was failing & when my sister snuck me in, I witness her pee bag was bloody. And so i made a mix & that same day her pee became clear.. next day her kidneys was fully restored.

Later on I faced another problem with my Grandma (Georgia) Daughter, Auntie Vannie

Soon My Auntie Vannie was very ill with stage 4 cancer. She was a mother and grandmother to me. When people doubted me and wouldn’t try my products or food she would. This very day it means the most to me. Although I was Coming up with product and plan to heal her fast, I didn’t heal her right away because what I had experienced in the past. And I felt like she felt like I was all talk with my healing because she uses certain products of mine, & was in a ill state. The lack of communication on both of our end. But when I did get the opportunity, I went in, only problem fresh herbs were best for her and it was the wintertime so I couldn’t pick fresh herbs. So, I Called up Adam to get a package of fresh herbs from Yonder and they said a 3-week shipping. So, I had to use what I can get. It started off working, took away her pain her pee went from blood to clear, she even gained strength. Although it was still painful for her to swallow. But she had very little or no water intake. So, she was in excruciated pain. My Hate for Hospitals caused me to think of and Idea way to late. The idea was to get her on an iv with Alkaline water only to make sure she stayed hydrated. Her children were going to make that request in the morning. After days without the pain medicine (opioids) she finally took the morphine because she was in pain. She had to take it with water because it was like peanut butter it dehydrated her way more and suffocates you by depriving her from a key mineral in the body which is Oxygen. Then that same morning right before the request for the iv she looked into an empty space to our necked eye and Yelled Momma repeatedly, then she had made her Transition to the other side…



A few months after that when I was about to get my Grammie (Grace) out the Hospital lawfully, My Grandma Heart had Stopped Saturday April 3rd 2021 around 8 P.M. & I was Broken. Then my Grandaddy passed a few days later & his reason was his heart was broken…

Weeks Later My Sensei (Mfudishi) Chief Lis (Li’simba Ra’Emir Bey) passed away from stage 4 cancer. I was so zoned out that my grandma and grandaddy had passed. By the time I gained clarity I texted him to heal him and a day or 2 he made his transition. 

By Them all Dying in pain knowing they Supposed to die in peace, Is my power

Although the situation had broken me because it was like a fight I trained & gave my all to win all & all I still lost my all plus. 

The Negativity I got from my own peoples slowed me down at times, but I developed a push & motivation. But It was because of my Loved Ones is what made me expand in healing & law at an alarming rate. No matter what all I know is to keep up the fight. I don’t see nothing hurting me anymore because less and less I cry. I have to keep on because the Struggle still continues…

So the fight must still continue…

And Now I am working overtime to combat against this auto immune disease virus vaccine they are forcing our people to take…

Long Live The Revolutionaries Long Live Dr. Sebi The honorable Master Teacher and Healer



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